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Wash Day vs Refresh Day

Wash day is a long tedious task, as most women with natural hair know. Prior to pandemic times it was a one-hour endeavor but in the past year I have had to incorporate regular hair treatments into my regimen (see “How I saved my hair”). Wash day is now a two-to-three-hour event which can only be performed once per week. Between washes, I have “refresh day” which involves spraying my hair with water; detangling; and applying copious amounts of leave-in conditioner to my curls. This shorter process allows for more experimentation with new products. This week I tried a few products from Doctor Coily, a Black- and women-owned business that came highly recommend from a Facebook group for professional Black women with natural hair. Dr. San, the owner of Doctor Coily, is a member of the group. Since she dropped her line, the women are frequently posting their results from using her products. It has been amazing to watch the transformations. Thus, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try it for refresh day. I have type 3c, low porosity hair that needs to stay moisturized while avoiding being too oily. I was recommended the Noelani, Oil, & Souffle treatment bundle from DoctorCoily.com for 67.97.

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