Most people will have at least one happy memory of visiting a theme park, a fairground or a zoo. Even water parks and aquariums can produce wonderful days out for families. But many people will also have some pretty crap days in such places – outdated, boring rides, long lines on hot Summer days and extortionate prices for a fried pickle on a stick (extra $4 for mustard). Some of us will even remember getting ripped off—you shell out $3000 to try and win a state-of-the-art minidisc player (batteries not included… and no longer produced), throwing rubber ducks at a revolving peg to try and hook on 3-in-a-row. The events listed here go far beyond some dodgy, deep fried foodstuffs or a rigged carnival game. No, these are some of the most shocking, scandalous and tragic events that have happened at leisure parks, theme parks and water parks over the years. Some are relatively well known (especially if you live in the locality of the site), some are obscure. They are all awful.