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My Fitness Routine With Tempo: 60 day check in

Back in December, I wrote about how much I am loving my Tempo—the award-winning, all-in-one home fitness studio that helped me kick a months-long pandemic fitness hiatus. I’ll admit, even as I wrote, I worried: Will this end up like a New Year’s resolution that I start with rocketship energy and speed, only to crash back down to earth when it isn’t shiny and new? I’m very relieved—and happy!—to tell you that the answer is no. Tempo isn’t so much a bright, shiny object looking sleek in my family room (although it is that, too), but now an ingrained part of my weekly routine. Whether you use the Tempo currently or are looking to revamp your fitness routine for 2021, I wanted to update you on my progress, 60 days in.

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