The Hartnell College choir performed the updated spin on the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic. Sharks, sardines, and anchovies all got lively shout-outs. IF SPRING MAKES YOU WANT TO SING, and the thought of honoring one of California’s best-known aquatic institutions fills your heart with joy, get stoked, for Monterey Bay Aquarium just released a new video that cheekily and cheerfully highlights some of its favorite things. In fact, the song is a take on “My Favorite Things,” but rather than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, the examples are all very much of the oceanic variety. Sea otters, sardines, and anchovies are in the splashy spotlight, as are the regal octopuses (the lyric is a memorable one, pondering why “octopus poop” has the appearance of a “long noodle”). As for the images that accompany the music? The nicely visual trip through the Cannery Row aquarium gives at-home fans a chance to see some of the pools, tanks, and critters they love best.