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Ichiran Readies First-Ever Instant Noodle Release

Standing as one of the most beloved names in ramen, Ichiran is now looking to make it possible to enjoy its pork bone broth ramen at home in a snap. After 20 years of development, Ichiran has now come up with a way to pack its 60 years of ramen making into an instant cup noodle. Rigorous testing has made it possible to ensure the broth and noodles deliver the same high-quality taste and flavor without the line-up. Differing from other instant noodle varieties, Ichiran has kept it simple with its offering containing just noodles, broth and its original secret red sauce. The soup is separated into one broth powder and liquid pack that creates a deep flavor and smooth mouthfeel. While the noodles are custom-made non-fried long, straight Hakata-style noodles with more wheat flavor.

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