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How To Tell If An Online Recipe Will Actually Work

Online recipes can be just soooo annoying. Okay, so it’s cool having every recipe you could ever want right at your fingertips for free – no need to pay top dollar for some obscure cookbook just because you want to make baked whale in white sauce. Why, though, must so many food blogs start with something like “Call me Ishmael,” and then go on for 212,755 more words before they get to the actual recipe? Yes, it’s fascinating to hear how you hunted the whale and all, but please, the rest of us just bought our whale meat at Kroger. Also, don’t even get us started on the comments. Tweaks are ok, but what’s really annoying are 5-star rated recipes where every single comment and rating comes from people who haven’t cooked the dish but feel compelled to weigh in with “looks yummy!!” and “cool harpoon moves!” Real helpful, like people who review Amazon products they haven’t yet received.

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