How to Choose the Perfect Red Hair Shade From Strawberry to Copper?

To choose the perfect red hair shade from strawberry to copper, consider your skin tone, eye color, and personal preferences. Here's a summary based on the search results:

Strawberry Blonde

  • Light ginger hair with hints of red sand, suitable for those who want a sun-kissed appearance.
  • Works well with blonde-inspired styles and maintains a natural-looking hue throughout the year.
  • Style with bouncy, tousled waves for the ultimate beach babe look.
  • Use John Frieda's Radiant Red Deep Cherry Brown hair dye for a similar shade.


  • Warmer orange and yellow undertones create a brighter, more glowing effect than red hair.
  • Complements pale to medium skin tones and hazel or brown eyes.
  • Use copper hair with a lighter base for best results, such as blonde or light brown hair.
  • Maintain copper hair with hydrating hair masks and use copper-infused toning shampoos to retain vibrance.

Bright Red

  • Strong red pigment creates a bold and intense hue.
  • Suitable for darker hair colors to add dimension and volume.
  • Enhances brown eyes and cool skin tones.
  • Consider John Frieda's Radiant Red Deep Cherry Brown for a similar shade.

Cherry Red

  • Vibrant mixture of deep red and purple tones, complementing darker skin tones.
  • Works well with short bob hairstyles for a Parisian chic look.
  • Use John Frieda's Radiant Red Deep Cherry Brown for a similar shade.

Bright Orange

  • Adds a vivacious pop to copper hair, complementing cooler skin tones.
  • Can be combined with other shades through balayage or ombre coloring techniques.

Brick Red

  • Suitable for pale to medium skin tones, with a violet element that enhances golden skin tones.
  • Maintain with weekly hydrating hair masks and deep conditioning treatments.

Bright Auburn

  • A deeper shade of red with blue undertones, suitable for medium to darker skin tones.
  • Complements auburn hair colors with mahogany or deep violet undertones.

Strawberry Blonde

  • Soft, sunkissed hue, versatile from light blonde to darker blonde shades.
  • Ask for golden copper or copper-red tones to achieve this natural-looking strawberry red.

For best results, consult with a colorist to tailor the shade to your skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle preferences. Regular hair care and maintenance are essential to maintain the vibrancy of your chosen shade:

To summarize, here are the key points for choosing the perfect red hair shade:

  1. Strawberry blonde: Soft, natural-looking hue with golden and copper tones, suitable for various skin tones and eye colors.
  2. Consider John Frieda.